The Fertility Foods CookBook


Jacki Passmore’s FERTILITY FOODS CookBook offers you…

  • A pathway to improved fertility and continuing good health
  • Recipes featuring the recognized fertility foods in easy to cook dishes
  • Balanced, nutrient-dense dishes for every day meals and entertaining
  • A makeover of popular recipes so they work for fertility
  • The discovery of interesting new fertility-enhancing foods
  • A new way of looking at what you should eat when trying for pregnancy
  • The reasons why some foods won’t give you and your partner the nutrition you need right now
  • Food to detox and cleanse your body of accumulated toxins
  • Lifestyle tips to support your fertility foods eating plan
  • No calorie counting, just honest, fresh foods

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from Living Healthy Publishing

3 Day FERTILITY Detox Diet

A cleaning and detoxing fast using fresh natural foods. In just three days you will eliminate toxins and rejuvenate your digestive system in preparation for your fertility foods diet


To download Click on this link (14 pages)




5 Ways to Fight Infertility

Habit, home and lifestyle changes to help combat infertility and optimise your chances of conception

Jacki Passmore exposes five aspects of modern life and lifestyles that can impact negatively on fertility.

Alcohol & Caffeine, Smoking & Recreational Drugs, Stress, Chemicals, and Electromagnetic Radiation all have a detrimental affect on health and fertility.

5 Ways to Fight Infertility explains why, and gives sensible, achievable suggestions for lifestyle changes that can work to improve reproductive health.


Fresh Ingredients 4 FERTILITY

Quick, easy, fresh & delicious recipes using just three or four main ingredients. Jacki Passmore makes fertility food even more accessible with meals that take only a few minutes to prepare.