5 Ways to Fight INFERTILITY

In this invaluable and extensively researched book author Jacki Passmore explores why certain personal choices and habits, environmental pollution, and our exposure to the chemicals and toxins associate with our modern lifestyle adversely affect fertility.

She guides you towards cleaner, greener living for a healthier life and to optimize the chance of conceiving a baby as nature intended, or as support to assisted conception.


It’s now widely acknowledged that fertility can be depleted by some of the foods we eat and drink, and the recreational stimulants we might choose to indulge in.

Perhaps less well known, is just how much we compromise our fertility and our chances of successful conception by many of the other personal choices we make, and the activities we undertake.

Simple activities like spraying the weeds in our garden, doing the laundry, polishing the furniture, even taking a dip in a swimming pool or seemingly virtuous endeavours like working out and going for a run. Home improvement choices like fitting new carpets, giving the house a repaint or installing new kitchen units.  The environmental toxins we encounter daily at work and during our commute. The medical drugs we are prescribed. The devices we use for communications and recreation.

All of these bombard us with a cocktail of toxins. Toxins that run riot in our bodies, overloading already hard working organs, throwing our hormones out of whack. Slowly eroding our fertility without us even being aware of the danger.

When you decide it’s time to start trying for a baby, it’s no longer just about dodging bullets and hoping everything will work out.  It’s about taking affirmative action.

FACT:  Among young couples aged between 25 and 35, around one in six are infertile.

FACT: You can work to avoid being included in that depressing statistic.